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Advice that is largely Unsolicited.. – Online Store for Organic Products

Priyanka Baya asked me to do a reivew of

Easy Organic Products

Easy Organic Products

Category: B2C -> E-commerce -> Organic Products

What does it do? is a regular online store selling a wide range of Organic products.

What more?
Shipping is from Singapore. Default currency is also SGD. However products are offered to be shipped all over the world. There is a store delivery mentioned, but I could not locate any reference to a store address.

My quick two cents:
The store probably runs okay because of the product range and a working operation. However there is ample room for improvement. The store comes out looking quite amateurish in all respects, by normal e-commerce standards. Simply getting best e-commerce practises in place, and combing the site to fix the various errors, will lead to significant improvement.

Wisdom Nuggets in more details:
1. On the home page, the fonts and layout is all over the place. Using too many bold tags, and also a lot of ampersand signs “&” is a quick indication of an amateurish effort. Add to that, the vast open spaces in the center whereas the left and right columns run longer. Obviously opportunities have been lost to position then, some large sized images of best sellers.

2. Speaking of best sellers, in that list, there is repeat mention of Gift Vouchers. It is clear that this list comes out of a database, and there isn’t an easy manual fix to it. A customer would like to know that Gift Vouchers are popular, you are wasting an opportunity by listing 3 denominations of Gift Vouchers as best sellers, on your home page.

3. The testimonial link from the home page goes to an inside page where there is only one testimonial. Looks embarrassing.

4. Product images can be improved. There could be larger sized ones, multiple views and in some cases, videos too. All of these are quite par for the course, these days.

5. The SEO effort is not present. Almost all pages return the same page titles, for example. For a small e-commerce site, this can make a big difference to the overall sales.

6. Links don’t work right once you are in the wholesale area of the site.

To repeat, due to the interesting product range, the site probably does decent sales. However, clearly there is huge room for improvement and it can scale newer heights, if it can fix many trivial misses.

At this time, the site looks like a good “organic growth” (pardon the pun!) business, but does not show the potential to become a huge winner, which it has potential to become.


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  1. Thank you so much for your inputs. I’ll take your wisdom nuggets into consideration and try to implement them.

    It’s good to see that you liked our product selection and range. I’d like to clarify couple of points here –

    1. The links in wholesale section works only for authorised users, so not everybody has access to that. I’ll make it more clear on wholesale page.

    2. Testimonials – It’s a new start-up and we are publishing genuine testimonials only. Now there are 2 testimonials. We’ll add more testimonials as and when we receive.

    3. Regarding store pick-up, Singaporeans have tendency to pick-up items after purchasing it online, as it’s a very small country. We provide pick-up address to our customers who opt for that option.

    I’ll work on remaining points and keep you informed.

    Thank you so much for your inputs.


    Comment by Priyanka Baya | March 18, 2009 | Reply

    • Priyanka,
      You are welcome. I am glad that you found the review to be useful.
      1. I understand that the wholesale area is for authorized users only. However since links like shipping and others appear there, and they don’t work, it gives a wrong impression. You may like to fix those.
      2. I did see somewhere else, a longer list of appreciation of Miessence. Maybe you could include some of those to the testimonials page.
      3. Perhaps you could clarify the point about Store pick up on the shipping page, where you mention it, as customers may spend a lot of time trying to search for a store address.

      Wish you good luck!

      Comment by Sanjay Mehta | March 18, 2009 | Reply

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